Prevention and security device

SafetyCompany, a support for the companies

Since security is essential within your company, SafetyGo has developed a personalized solution so that you can communicate, manage and alert your employers in case of  incident.

Thanks to renseignement of first-aider employers that are in your company, SafetyGo is able to warn them so that they can act in case of emergency: emergency confirmation, fall, medical emergency...

An effective and easy-to-use solution in order to ensure a permanent security within your company.

With the help of digital devices such as chats, instant notifications or video calls, you are able to act fast in case of difficulty.

  • Digital devices in order to facilitate interventions

  • Surveys

  • News

  • Risk prevention

  • Identification of trained staff

  • First aiders at work

  • Emergency confirmation, support...


Th victims and the emrgency facilities in order to act fast.


The first-aider employers


The employers about the potential risks. Realize prevention campaigns. 


About current issues.